Point Of Care Testing (POCT) uses small portable devices at home or in the field to give important medical test results within minutes.

By using MCA software, practitioners can improve safety and quality with secure delivery of each standardised result directly into clinical and pathology systems - local or remote. Results can be sent securely in international standard formats (HL7, NHS EDIFACT, ebXML) to virtually any electronic health record, local or remote.

A single installation can connect a variety of devices, from different manufacturers, that perform different tests. As well as the many biochemistry and haematology devices developed over the last 20 years, this includes newer microbiology devices, using technology such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which swiftly detect the presence of infections like Chlamydia, Tuberculosis, MRSA and Trachoma.

MCA's web software provides central analysis of results received from devices in local, national or international point of care networks. This facilitates quality assurance of results, CLIA recognition and reimbursement of test fees. The special needs of "blind" trials and high-privacy domains where patient identification in test results must be concealed can be handled sensitively while still supporting central analysis and quality control.